Things you must do earlier when you visit the UK

The first to arrive in the UK if you do not use tour and travel services then should look for lodging immediately. If you can find lodging that is close to many UK attractions, though maybe a little expensive but this is our first experience in the big cities such as London and Manchester so it’s better to find lodging that easy access everywhere. Many inns are close to tourist attractions and the price is affordable, one of which is lodging near Kensington Palace. Nowadays a lot of applications on smartphones that can help us to book hotels wherever we are, we can use it to book hotels in the Big cities. After finding the London or Manchester hotels maybe we can rest for a while because just had a long journey so maybe still jet lag. Then we can get around.

Next, before deciding to take a walk, during the hotel we can study the area that is near the hotel. What’s next to the hotel where we stay, about the distance to the tourist A, where B is how far away? How much time will it take to get there so that we will become easier and will not get lost there? We can get back to the hotel again easily, so knowing what’s near the hotel is very important. We can take advantage of the map we take from the airport or maybe take advantage of the maps on our smartphone.