Feel the Excitement in Phuket FantaSea

If you visit Phuket, you can stay and feel the private pool by visiting Luxury Phuket Private Pool Villa. In addition, in Phuket, there is one famous tourist spot that is Phuket Fantasea. Here there are so many unique things. Not far after the entrance location, we can find the building Tiger Adventure Safari and Similan Entertainment Center which cut with Hanuman’s Lair this. From the front, it just looks like a doll shop and clothes only, but getting deeper, the visitors can see the artificial forest created in 12 themes. Of course, all the forests are safe to pass and are equipped with advanced lighting and sound system.

If you continue to explore this sights up to the Palace of the Elephant, that means you are already at the end of your exploration. Palace of the Elephant itself is the central point of action of the theme park of Phuket FantaSea. The courtyard is quite spacious and offers a quite memorable uniqueness. Just look at the center of the court. You can see the statue of Prince Kamala who was riding Iyara, his beloved elephant. Above the arena of the court, there are rows of lights and bird cages of gold, which at times bring out a melodious chirp as the statue was made like life.