5 Steps to jumpstart your car battery

To do the jumper on the car battery the way is not arbitrary. There are specific steps that you can practice, but you should first look at the stages that you need to do in order for the battery to work again. Apart from that, you can visit garagemasterblog.com if you want to read a guide to choose car battery chargers.

Here are the ways:

1. Ensure the First Cause

Before performing a jumper on the car battery, you should first make sure the cause of the battery failure or soak. Car batteries damaged or soak have different causes in each vehicle.

The way you can do to confirm the cause is by turning on the lights first. If the lights dimmed the battery can mean sick or damaged.

2. Prepare Jumper And Car Battery Good

If you have confirmed the cause of your car battery is damaged or soaked. You must prepare a good battery to replace the damaged battery or the soak. You should also prepare a new jumper or use another car jumper. For its own diameter, prepare a jumper that has a cable diameter of at least 10 mm.

3. Approach Other Car For Jumper

After setting up a good battery or jumper. The next stage you have to do is to bring another car, or another car battery used for the jumper.

To make it easier, you can close the car to be done jumpers by way of dealing.

4. Connect Both Poles On The Car Battery Properly

To do this way it is advisable to wear rubber gloves so that you avoid the electrical shock that can be caused by the battery. The positive pole on the car battery is given a red color, while for the negative given the black color. Then you have to install the red wire for positive battery and black cable for negative battery.

5. Wait a moment

If the above has been done the next thing you should do is to wait for the battery before turning on the car. Wait until the battery stun completely exhausted. In addition, before starting a starter on the car you should check in advance whether there is a cable or not that dangle on the rotating engine.