Variety of Types of Women’s Bags

Almost all women are obsessed with bags. They have a variety of bags for different needs. By visiting our website, you can find the Best Leather Satchel. Not only that, there are many things you can find by visiting our website.

Here are some types of women’s bags on the market:

– Clutch bags are often used by women while attending a party. The shape is small and long without having a rope.

– The evening bag is a bag of women who fall into clutch bag category. Another case with the clutch bag, evening bag has a strap that size is not too long. Clutch bag maker made of a shiny material that makes it seem glamorous.

– Kelly bag is a kind of ladies handbag that is suitable to wear in formal occasions. Materials commonly used to make this type of bag is the material of crocodile skin or other materials are rigid. In addition to the rigid material, this bag is characterized by a small handrail bag (and made of rigid material) following the cover of the bag on the front.

– Messanger bag is a bag shaped like a bag belonging to the postman. This bag is boxy and large with one long strap. Messanger bag made from canvas material or other similar fabric material. Nowadays messenger bag is used as a bag to store a laptop.

– Satchel bag is a bag that shape adopted messenger bag. If the messenger bag is made of canvas, satchel bag is made of vinyl or other shiny materials.

– Field bag is a similar bag with a messenger bag. Bag making material is also made of canvas fabric. It’s just that if the messenger bag has a large size, the field bag has a smaller size. This bag also has many pockets in it.

– Shoulder bag. Messenger bag, satchel, field and sling bag are bags that fall into shoulder bag category. The shoulder bag is a bag that has a long strap and is used over the shoulder.

– The tote bag is a large bag that can carry many items in it. Tote bag becomes an idol for some women because of its wide compartment.