Unconscious Mistakes that Can Make Condoms Tear

For couples who are postponing pregnancy, condoms can be one of the most powerful and intelligent solutions to having sex safely. Condoms are also able to prevent transmission of venereal diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia to deadly viruses namely HIV and hepatitis. However, if not used properly, condoms may be damaged by tears. Condoms are torn at risk of causing pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. For that, buy a quality condom, visit our website to buy condoms online.

The male condom is a very thin layer that serves to prevent contact between a man’s semen containing sperm with the vagina. Currently, many varieties of condoms are available on the market. There are condoms made from latex (rubber latex), polyurethane (a mixture of rubber and plastic), and polyisoprene (synthetic rubber). If used properly and cautiously, the efficacy of condoms in preventing pregnancy and transmission of disease reaches 98%. Because it is effective and can be used at any time, male condoms become one of the most commonly used contraceptive devices for couples.

How can condoms tear during sex? Be careful when you and your partner have sex with a condom. The reason, although the packaging contained information that the basic ingredients are very strong, condoms can still be torn. Various studies have shown different outcomes regarding the likelihood of tearing of this contraceptive device during sex. Do not worry, condoms should not tear if used properly. Immediately see various reasons for torn condoms during sex following.

– Condoms kept for too long

Many people do not realize that condoms also have expiration dates. The older the age of the condom, the quality of rubber or plastic will decrease. So, always check back your condom packaging and make sure age is still quite new before having sex.

– Condoms are stored in hot places

Storing condoms in hot temperatures can also damage condom resistance. Avoid putting condoms in the glove compartment, inside the wallet, or in places exposed to direct sunlight. You should keep your contraceptives in a cool enough place, such as near a medicine storage cabinet. While traveling, put the condom into the tin box and store it in the bag, do not put it into your trouser pocket. When you sit or move, the body temperature will increase and can damage the quality of condoms.