Do Some Stretching Movements That You Can Do The Pool Movement Effectively

Swimming is a very fun thing. This usually will have a good impact on your body. However, to do so you will need a swimming pool. If you want to make it yourself at home, then you can visit Markus Robertson website and get the best review from the water pump to create the swimming pool.

As an activity that uses the whole body. Warm up before the pool is a part that can not be separated from the activity. if you do this activity, then the benefits that you feel will be more leverage. before starting to swim, it helps you understand whether your body is ready to face the field. Stretching before swimming will prepare good body flexibility, so it will reduce injuries or cramps while in the water that could harm your body. There are some short exercise tricks before swimming that you know.

– Rotate the arm, position both hands stretched parallel to the shoulders and move twisted simultaneously.

– Shoulder touch, in a push-up position, raise your right hand and touch your left shoulder while still balancing. Go back to the starting position and do it again for the left hand.

– Bent over swings, you can open legs parallel to the shoulders while stretching your arms to the side, slightly bent forward. You can swing your right hand to touch your knee, then swing your left hand to your right knee. Repeat for the left hand and then use both arms simultaneously.

– Turn the foot, lift the right foot forward and turn it clockwise, then turn it to the other side. And repeat for the left leg.

– Crossbody leg swings, position your body facing the wall. You also have to stand up straight and distance yourself between your body and the wall by sticking both hands on the surface of the wall and positioning the legs parallel to the shoulders. Then wipe your right leg to left side as high as possible. Go back to the starting position and do it for the left foot.