The Usual Cause of Car Crashed

The car broke down or stopped abruptly when you are still on the road and it is difficult to light up much experienced by drivers or even yourself. In fact, several people said that his vehicle did not show any symptoms of problems when will be going to travel. Well if that happens to you then a quick way you can do is to call services wrecker service lawton to help you push your car to break into the garage. Well apart from that, what are the main causes of the car broke down? Here’s the explanation!

1. Electric current to terminal plus coil down
The main cause and often occurs in cars that have been aged five years and above is the voltage of electric current to the coil that degenerates drastically. As a result, the combustion process does not occur because the cigarette lighter does not get electricity.

How to detect this problem is quite easy, namely, check the distributor cable and paste it into the car body and then the car starters. If there is a spark, then the electric current is still present, vice versa. If there is no electric current check the cable connection, to determine if there is a cable that is not connected properly. If the cable connection is not problematic means coil or platinum is damaged or dirty.

2. Electric battery current is weak
Electric battery current is weak because of some things, that is because the cable in the terminal plus or minus sagging batteries, alternator or dynamo ampere wear, and batteries that have expired. If you suspect that the battery is problematic, then the first detection step that you must do is check the cabling in the battery terminal. Make sure that the cable is properly installed. When saggy, therefore you have to tighten it. But before, the terminal should be cleaned using brushes.

3. Alternator wear
This device serves to charge the electric current to the battery. Therefore, if the alternator is damaged then the battery will run out of electricity reserves and cause the car to break down. Some problems that often occur in the alternator is a broken copper wire roll. Although only one of several scrolls, it will disrupt the electric current.